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5 romantic wineries for your wedding

5 romantic wineries for your wedding

Are you looking for THE dream location for your wedding - how about a winery?

Most people know that love and wine go very well together. It is less well known that you can also tie the knot in wine. Many wineries open their doors to bridal couples and guests and also have very special places in the vineyard where the wedding ceremony in the best location will be unforgettable. And to make the wedding vows easy to say, the best wines that grow in the area are served. 

1. winery Hoflößnitz

Wedding between vineyard romance and electoral ambience

Whether the wedding ceremony takes place in one of the nearby churches or, as the electors once did, in the historic ballroom of the Lust- und Berghaus is best decided by the bride and groom during a tour - which is also an ideal opportunity to sample the excellent wines. On the adjoining terrace with a fantastic view over the Elbe valley, the bride and groom can toast their special day together with their guests and then celebrate extensively in one of the three rooms.


The right wines for the bridal couple and guests

Hoflößnitz wines from controlled organic cultivation, such as Cabernet Blanc, Souvignier Gris or Johanniter are always the perfect accompaniment to the wedding menu. Red wines are also a must at a wedding reception: Pinot Noir and Regent are vinified at the winery as single varietals. And a special wine highlight is the Schieler - an original Saxon invention.


Getting married at the Hoflößnitz Winery - the most important facts at a glance

- The winery has a guest house with 4 double rooms & 2 apartments

- Partner hotels are located in the immediate vicinity

- 80 guests have room to celebrate at the electoral winery

2. winery Baron Knyphausen in the Rheingau: Wedding in the best wine location

The vineyards and lawns of the Baron Knyphausen winery are a wonderful place to celebrate under the protection of old quarry stone walls. In the historic estate park, many couples find the backdrop they have dreamed of for their special day. Those who promise themselves eternal fidelity here are in the best location: Erbacher Marcobrunn, Erbacher Hohenrain or Erbacher Steinmorgen - world-renowned vineyards surround the estate, which is one of the most important in Germany.

Riesling romance

Guests who raise a glass here for the benefit of the bride and groom can look forward to the finest wines of the Rheingau can look forward to. If the bride and groom, family and friends appreciate Riesling and Pinot Noir, they will love Baron Knyphausen wines. Interested wedding guests can look forward to the "wine walk" through the traditional Rheingau VDP vineyard. Several stops lead from the Draiser Hof to the adjacent vineyards in the estate park to the winery. Information about the history of the winery, the barons of Knyphausen and a look into the cellar are part of the tour. So there's never a dull moment when the bride and groom disappear into the beautiful wine scenery for the photo shoot.

Wedding at the winery Baron Knyphausen: Interesting facts at a glance

- Weddings with up to 150 guests can be celebrated at the winery

- 15 rooms and special wedding suites are located directly at the winery

- Churches for the wedding ceremony are located in the immediate vicinity

3. winery Woerners in Franconia: The ideal wine vibes for weddings

Nestled in the Steigerwald Nature Park, just a stone's throw from the Franconian vineyards, is the Renaissance castle of the Wörner winegrowing family. After the wedding ceremony in front of the fairytale backdrop in the castle courtyard, the beer garden is a wonderful place to toast and enjoy a snack. Of course, the right wine should not be missing. Speaking of natural - the bioenergetic cosmo wines from the Woerner winery are produced in harmony with the forces of nature. This means that the phases of the moon and light play an important role in winegrowing and in the cellar.

Wine and love

Cosmo wines are vegan chakra wines of love and gratitude and are perfect for raising a glass to the bride and groom! Is it the positive vibration in the wine or simply the taste that convinced the jury? What is certain is that the bioenergetic wines have won international awards.


Wedding at Woerners Winery - Further information at a glance:

- Up to 130 wedding parties can be celebrated at the castle

- Overnight accommodation is available directly in the castle for 20 adults - there are also
motorhome pitches directly on site

- Churches can be found within a radius of 3 to 7 kilometers, free wedding ceremonies can be held directly in the
castle courtyard

- Upon request, wine bottles can be specially labeled for the occasion - special fillings with
brandy, vinegar, oil or liqueur can also be offered at the request of the bridal couple.

4. estate Hermannsberg, Niederhausen: Trau-Terroir that wine connoisseurs love

Just an hour away from the metropolis of Frankfurt, you will find a well-protected corner of the world: world-renowned terroir surrounds the magnificent wedding location Hermannsberg. The ensemble of vineyard, restaurant and guest house surrounded by wild and romantic nature seems to be made for weddings. Saying "I do" in front of the spectacularly steep vineyards and then toasting with a top-quality Riesling - an ideal start to married life.

Ring exchange with Riesling

Experts rank it among the best Riesling sites in Germany and the world - which is why Riesling should always be on the wedding wine list.


Getting married at Weingut Gut Hermannsberg - the most important things at a glance

- The winery can accommodate 30 people, and there is further accommodation nearby

- Wedding Suite Porphyry

- Churches are located nearby, free wedding ceremonies can be held directly at the winery

5th Reverchon Winery on the Saar: HerWine stroll into a dream wedding location

Roses, lavender and hydrangeas adorn the centuries-old vineyard, which is well protected by an old tree population - a wedding location par excellence. Something light-hearted is in the air and combines with the valuable traces of historical wine culture. In the spacious park of the winegrower's villa, the children of the wedding party have space to play while the adult guests enjoy the special ambience and the good wine.

Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Riesling ...

No matter which of the wines a man or woman chooses at the Reverchon winery all are produced without the use of insecticides, acaricides and herbicides.

Weddings at the Reverchon winery - facts at a glance

- Wedding celebrations for up to 130 people are possible at the winery

- Overnight accommodation is available for 21 guests in the country house

- There is a church just 200m from the winery and free wedding ceremonies can be held in the park of the

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